Bruce Ismay (from 2012 Miniseries)
Bruce Ismay (from 2012 Miniseries)
Biological Information
Gender Male
Date of Birth December 12th, 1862
Date of Death October 17th, 1937
Cause of Death Cerebral Thrombosis
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Light Brown
Background Information
Hometown England
Titanic Statistics
Boarded Southampton, England
Destination New York, U.S.A.
Class 1st Class passenger
Lifeboat Collapsible C
Portrayer James Wilby

Bruce Ismay was First Class Passenger and one of the main antagonists in the miniseries.

Official DescriptionEdit

Chairman of the White Star Line, one of the foremost companies in the golden age of the transatlantic crossing, and the owners of Titanic, the world’s largest and most technically advanced ocean liner,. His conduct on the night of April 15 1912 will earn him the tabloid soubriquet the Coward of the Titanic and effectively end his career.


Historical accuracyEdit

The mini-series portrays Ismay as a racist towards the Italian waiters of the À la Carte Restaurant and warns Lightoller of unruly Italians are. In reality, Ismay was the one who hired Luigi Gatti and his staff to publicize the success of the Ritz restaurant aboard the SS Amerika in 1905. This was to promote competition to bring over the rich passenger to enjoying lavish French haute cuisine.

On the beginning of Episode 4, Ismay is seen as a member of the Widener's dinner party in the restaurant. While Ismay did eat at the À la Carte Restaurant on the night the Titanic hit the iceberg, he dined alone with Dr. William O'Loughlin.


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