Crewman 1 (from A Night to Remember)
Crewman 1 (from A Night to Remember)
Biological Information
Gender Male
Date of Birth 1868[1]
Date of Death April 15, 1912
Cause of Death Drowned
Eye Color Unknown
Hair Color Unknown
Background Information
Hometown Unknown
Titanic Statistics
Boarded Southampton, England
Destination New York, U.S.A.
Class Deck or Victualling crew
Portrayer Desmond Llewelyn

Crewman 1 was crewman in A Night to Remember.


He is seen with a steward at a gate preventing Patrick Murphy, James Farrell, Mrs. Farrell, Gallagher, Kate, Polish Girl, and Polish Mother from getting to the boat deck. He tells the group that the gates that lead to the boat deck will be open once the order is given. The group then leaves and sees if there is another way to the boat deck.

His character most likely died during the sinking.


  • While he is variously listed as Seaman or Steward, the uniform he was wearing suggests neither. Therefore his department is unknown, although it is clear that he was not mean to be Engineering crew.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The crewman was portrayed by Desmond Llewelyn in an uncredited appearance.

Notes and referencesEdit

  1. Desmond Llewelyn was 44 years old during the filming.
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