Peter Lubov (from 2012 Miniseries)
Biological Information
Full Name Peter Lubov
Gender Male
Date of Birth 1877[1]
Date of Death April 15th, 1912
Cause of Death Drowned
Alignment Neutral
Background Information
Titanic Statistics
Boarded Southampton, England
Destination New York, U.S.A.
Class 3rd Class passenger
Portrayer Dragos Bucur

Official DescriptionEdit

A dark and charismatic stranger described by Officer Lightoller as looking like the wandering prophet. He is determined to leave behind the violent social upheaval in Europe in which he has played a part, but his past is about to catch up with him.


He is first seen going into hiding after the Siege of Sidney Street on January of 1911 where Winston Churchill wants him captured.

A year later, Peter is at Southampton ready to board the RMS Titanic. He finds Sean Maloney and reunites him with his mother and his siblings. Afterwards his is spotted by Second Officer Lightoller who comments to Fifth Officer Lowe that Peter looks like a wandering prophet. He gives his boarding pass to Fourth Officer Boxhall who informs him that he is at the Second Class entry way and the Steerage entrance is toward the center of the ship.

He makes acquaintance with Jim Maloney talking about if they could have changed things in Europe. However Mary is starting to get nervous around Peter, she drops a cork and rolls to Peter. He hands it back to her and she reluctantly takes it. Jim is surprised by her sudden nervousness, since she is opened to everybody.

Later on, he encounters David Evans who is a former Scots Guard who was forced to retire after a gunshot wound. David begins ask questions if he is somebody he knows, Peter gets angry and tells him that he isn't somebody that he knows.

On April 14th, 1912 he attends the Roman Catholic service with the Maloney's and other Roman Catholic passengers in Steerage. He informs Jim that he is going to the First Class Dining Room to attend the Anglican service. Jim finds it surprising since he begins to think Peter is not a religious person. Mary announces that she wants to go to the Anglican service to see what the First Class is like. When Peter arrives at the First Class Dining Room, he encounters Lightoller who hands out service pamphlets. He notices Mary is there and decides to seat next to her. He whispers to her not to afraid of her feelings, she reacts with shock and decides to move to another seat.

Later on at night, Steward Hart arrives with Mabel Watson to find a locksmith for a box that Mabel claims is unable to open. She is only using this to get a passenger in trouble so Louisa, Countess of Manton doesn't know that she got some of her jewelry trapped in the luggage in the hold of the Titanic. Peter says he would help, she gives him a piece of wire, however Peter tells her the box isn't jammed. She tells him that it was earlier, but she thanked him and left. He decides to keep the wire.

Afterwards, he encounters Mary on the deck of the Titanic near one the cargo cranes. He asks Mary if Jim is in bed, she assures him that Jim won't bother them. She then brings up how Jim seems hopeful about the future, but she thinks that he only hopes to "land on his feet" and how she cannot see herself landing on her feet. Mary knowing Peter's past asks him what his plans are in America, Peter tells her his only plans is leaving Europe but he doesn't knows what will happen next. She asks if it was bad in Europe, he says yes but doesn't want to hold in anger.

Following the confrontation on deck and the collision with the iceberg, he is seen looking at Mary as Jim tells her the stewards are lying about the situation. Once Hart begins to allow women and children, but Turnbull cuts off the path for more to follow Hart leaving Mary and the children trapped. When Jim demands his wife and children be freed, only to have Turnbull push him and tell him to stand back; Lubov takes action by asking Turnbull what was that for. Turnbull gets into Peter's face and tells him to stand back; Lubov then grabs Turnbull and pins him to the ground and tells Mary to run. As a steward runs over and rescues Turnbull, Mary and her children make it past the gate before it is shut and locked. David tells Lubov he knows another way to the boat deck. When they are alone in a corridor, David grabs Lubov and tells him he knows who he is. Lubov tries to act like he is crazy, but David remembers that he is Peter Pietkov aka Peter the Painter the anarchist leader of the Siege of Sidney Street riots which led to the deaths of policemen. Lubov realizing he has been identified tries to remind David that the Titanic is sinking, which doesn't fazes him. Lubov tells him he is sorry to hear that, which David only responds with "I'm sure, you are." Lubov then grabs at David and overpowers him, he then puts David into a chock hold and snaps his neck killing him.

He then calmly returns to the dining room were Sixth Officer Moody and two sailors arrive and reinforce the stewards to hold back the Steerage. Lubov is next to Jim and tells him that they need to get to the boat deck, Jim clearly still mad about what happened on deck asks why should he trust him. Lubov only tells him now is not the time for that; he first needs to see his family off safely and then they can "fight to the death". They then notice Mario who has been verbally questioning Turnbull and Moody about why the gates are preventing the Steerage passengers back and is now being dragged off to be locked away with the Italian waiters leaving the gate open; Lubov and Jim realizes now is the time to act. Lubov and Jim charge up the stairs, Lubov pushes a steward (the same one who rescued Turnbull) down the stairs and shoves Turnbull aside and rushes past the gate with Jim in tow. The Steerage passengers then follow suit and make their escape from below decks.

Once on A-deck he sees Theresa jumps back onto the Titanic thinking the lifeboat will split in two and Jim running off to find her, Lubov arrives near the deck opening and tells Mary to remember him. She begs him to help Jim find Theresa, Lubov says he will and leaves calling out Theresa's name. He finds Jim in the Maloney family cabin where Theresa is not inside. Jim realizing Lubov is helping find Theresa tells him they should split up and find her. Lubov agrees and they head in opposite directions down the corridor.

As Lubov calls out for Theresa in a flooding corridor, he comes across Paolo who is trying to rescue Mario and the Italian waiters. He asks Lubov to help him, but Lubov pushes him off but Paolo grabs onto his chest begging for help and Lubov decides to help out. Realizing the door is locked, he asks Paolo if he has some sort or key or wire which he doesn't; then Lubov remembers he has the wire Mabel gave him. Paolo asks what he has, he only tells him it is a wire someone gave him to open a box which wasn't jammed. After working on the lock, Lubov tells Paolo the pressure of the water is keeping the door closed. Paolo and Lubov tell the waiters and Mario to push against the door to even out the pressure. Their plans works and Mario and the waiters are freed; after the waiters make a run for the boat deck Paolo, Mario, and Lubov are still at the room. Paolo thanks Lubov and calls him a good man, Lubov says he isn't a good man; Paolo says regardless he'll still go to Heaven when he dies. Lubov says people might say differently about him, but he thanks Paolo and he and Mario escape from the flooding corridor. Lubov doesn't move from where he is.

It is most likely that Lubov dies below decks in that flooding corridor; just as Theresa and Jim drown behind a locked gate in another part of the Titanic.

Notes and referencesEdit

  1. Dragos Bucur 35 years old during the filming