Sixth Officer Moody (from 1997 Film)
Biological Information
Full Name James Paul Moody
Gender Male
Date of Birth August 21st, 1887
Date of Death April 15th, 1912
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Mousy brown
Alignment Good
Background Information
Titanic Statistics
Class Deck crew
Occupation Sixth officer
Portrayer Edward Fletcher

Sixth Officer Moody was a Junior Officer on RMS Titanic.

Biography Edit

Moody first appears at one of the third class gangways asking Jack Dawson and Fabrizo if they had been checked for lice. Jack says that they had and that both of them were American. Moody decides to take their word for it and lets them aboard.

He is later seen on the bridge of the Titanic after leaving Queenstown Ireland and can be seen putting the engine room telegraphs to full ahead.

At one point when Jack and Rose are talking about his drawings, Moody can be seen having a conversation with Second Officer Lightoller in the background.

Later, Moody and Fifth Officer Lowe can be seen having a conversation in the background while First Officer Murdoch and Lightoller talk about the missing binoculars.

Moody can then be seen returning to the bridge with a hot cup of tea, and hears the phone ringing and when he answers it, hears that the lookouts had spotted an iceberg. Then he and Murdoch tell Quartermaster Hichens to turn the wheel hard a starboard.

Moody can then be seen firing rockets from the starboard side of the wheelhouse, he tells Caledon Hockley and Spicer Lovejoy that they aren't allowed in there but they push him aside.

Moody is then seen when the wheelhouse is submerged and he tries to free Collapsible A from the falls. He is then swept away by the rising water.

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