Steward Turnbull was a Third Class Steward on the Titanic. He is played by John Kazek.


Turnbull makes his first appearance along with Hart and two stewards who are standing in front of a closed gate where Third Class Passengers are congregating in the Dining Room. He is seen getting into an argument with David Evans over why they are not allowing them onto the boat deck, stating the Titanic is safer than dry land. Clearly, Hart doesn't believe a word that Turnbull is saying and asks why he is saying that when there is danger.

At one point Evans asked if they can send the children to the boat deck, which Hart asks Turnbull if they could. Turnbull only refuses the suggestion, stating that they'll be a pack of screaming mothers that would follow. He announces that the children will be taken care of.

As the situation becomes more serious and Turnbull not taking any action, Hart warns him that they cannot contain the situation and that they'll have a riot below decks. Turnbull snaps at Hart, saying they have their orders. Hart, having enough of Turnbull's attitude about what is happening announces that he'll take women and children to the boat deck. Turnbull tries to stop Hart, but gets pushed aside by Hart. The older steward only stands aside to allow passengers through and the younger steward helps guide the women and children following Hart. As the Maloney family arrives to the stairs, Turnbull that is enough and orders the passengers back. Jim tells Turnbull to allow his family through, Turnbull pushes him back telling him to stand back. Suddenly, Peter Lubov appears and asks what was that for. Turnbull repeats the order to stand back, Lubov grabs Turnbull and holds him down and tells Mary to run. The older steward arrives to Turnbull's aid and frees him. After Mary and children make it past the gate, the older steward shuts the gate and Turnbull locks it.

The two stewards hold back the passengers from the gate as Turnbull stands on the stairs, Moody arrives with two seamen. Moody asks him about the Italian waiters, Turnbull tells them that they are locked in a room. Moody, who is a little disturbed asks Turnbull if that was really necessary, Turnbull tells Moody it's for the best. He doesn't respond to Moody when he tells Turnbull to release them when the order is given.

A group of firemen run pass, but one of them goes up to the gates and demands to know why they are keeping the gates locked. Moody and Turnbull tells Mario it's company policy, Mario doesn't buy the excuse and begins to yelling at them to let the Steerage go. Turnbull opens the gate and drags Mario down below where the seamen grab him and drag him off to the room where the Italians are held. But, the seamen begin to shout to Turnbull to shut the gates because of the opening allowing the Steerage to escape. Turnbull tries to shut the gate, but Lubov and Jim rush up the stairs and shove aside Turnbull and make it past the gates. The Steerage passengers begin to charge up the stairs, Turnbull tries to slow down them down but to no avail.

He is last seen down in a flooded corridor where he encounters Paolo, who is looking for his brother. Paolo asks where are the Italians are being kept, Turnbull asks if he wants to join them. Paolo grabs Turnbull and demands an answer, Turnbull tells him where to find the room. As Paolo leaves, Turnbull says he'll won't be rescued them because the door will stay lock until the Titanic hits the ocean floor before he runs up a flight of stairs. Fortunately for Paolo and the Italians locked in the room, Lubov (who is looking for Theresa) helps Paolo free the Mario and the Italians.

Based on how much time is left for the Titanic before she sinks and Turnbull's last appearance, he would definitely loose his life in the sinking.

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