Steward No19 (from A Night to Remember)
"Now listen, I'm not here to argue with you! I want everybody with their lifebelts on!"
―The steward to a Scottish passenger

The Steward was third class steward.

Character's evolution

A Night to Remember (1958)

In the Third Class, a Scottish passenger asks the steward, why they wants the passengers to put their lifebelts on, if there is no danger. The steward responds that he is not there to argue, he wants everybody with their lifebelts on.

Later, the steward (along with the two other stewards) guards the stairs. As Scottish passenger steps forward, the steward orders him to wait and tells the passengers that they will all be told when to go up.

As the steward and the two other stewards tries to hold back the crowd from rushing up the stairs, the two more stewards and a superior arrives to assist in holding the passengers back.

Eventually as the steward (along with his fellow stewards and a superior) holds back the crowd by a force, Chief Officer Wilde arrives and orders them "women and children at top". The steward's superior relays the order and the steward passes women up the stairs, yet he is pushed aside by the male passengers.


The steward doesn't seems to be concerned about lives of the Steerage passengers, preventing even women and children from leaving. Only when Chief Officer Wilde and the steward's superior orders "women and children at top", the steward passes them up the stairs, before he is pushed aside by the male passengers.


  • The steward's fate remains unknown.

Behind the scenes

  • Dervis Ward, the steward's portrayer is not credited
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